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Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro supports CORAL

The ukulele has become an iconic instrument that is often associated with Hawaiian music and culture. Jake Shimabukuro is a renowned ukulele virtuoso who has taken the world by storm with his unique style of playing. However, Shimabukuro's passion extends beyond music. He is a dedicated environmental activist who supports the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) in their efforts to save the world's coral reefs.

Coral reefs are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. They are home to thousands of species of fish, plants, and animals, and they provide critical ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, shoreline protection, and tourism revenue. However, coral reefs are under threat from a variety of human activities, including overfishing, pollution, and climate change. According to the Coral Reef Alliance, approximately 25% of the world's coral reefs are already lost, and another 50% are in danger of being lost in the next few decades.

Jake Shimabukuro became interested in coral reefs after visiting them on a trip to Hawaii. He was struck by their beauty and complexity, and when he realized that they were under threat. Jake decided to use his platform as a musician to raise awareness about coral reefs and support the work of the Coral Reef Alliance.

Jake has performed at several benefit concerts for CORAL, including the 2019 Hawaii Songwriting Festival and the 2020 Live From The Great Room concert series. He has also released a music video for his song "Coral Reef" that features footage of coral reefs and encourages viewers to support the Coral Reef Alliance.

In addition to his musical contributions, Jake has also spoken out about the importance of coral reef conservation. In an interview with Honolulu Magazine, he said, "I want to use my music to inspire people to take action to protect our oceans and coral reefs. We need to act now to ensure that these ecosystems are protected for future generations."

The Coral Reef Alliance is grateful for Jake's support. "Jake is an incredible musician and a passionate advocate for coral reef conservation," said Dr. Michael Webster, Executive Director of CORAL. "His support helps us raise awareness about the importance of coral reefs and the urgent need to protect them."

The Coral Reef Alliance works to protect coral reefs through a variety of programs, including community-based conservation, marine protected areas, and sustainable tourism. They also work to address the root causes of coral reef decline, such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change.

Jake Shimabukuro's support for the Coral Reef Alliance is a testament to the power of music and art to inspire action and raise awareness about important issues. Through his music and advocacy, Jake is helping to save one of the world's most important ecosystems and ensure that it is preserved for future generations.


Jake Shimabukuro - Ukulele Virtuoso
Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro supports CORAL


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